Tiffany M. Dutcher

Hwy 51 and Hoepker Rd., Dane Co. [Lat: 43.164558, Long: -89.324478]
  • We put this memorial up for our daughter, Tiffany. In 2008 she graduated in June. Went on a trip to Europe, with her Grandma Maryann and her friend Tiffany, her graduation present from her grandma. I picked them up Monday night, and
    Friday night she was gone. She was crossing highway 51, on her way to her boyfriends house, and was hit. She died on the scene. At Tiffany’s burial, a fireman came to pay his respects and told us that he and others hated that intersection. It’s either med flight or a fatality he said. There were letters written about the concern of that itersection. We found out that, the DOT was having a meeting in Oct. Twenty one family members and friends of Tiff’s went to the meeting. We found out that they were approved Dec. 2007, for lights at that intersection. It took our daughter’s death for them to put up temporary lights, until they could get the permanet ones up. If they would have done that in December, our daughter would be alive.That is why we named it Tiffy’s lights. My husband made the cross and I painted it. Tiffany loved the color pink and she lived by the Serinity Prayer. Tiffany is our angel, that we wish we could hear her giggle, or see her crazy faces when she would would tell us to smile when we were down, or feel those great big bear hugs that lasted along time.
    Tiffany we love and miss you so much. You have touched so many people, even people you never met. Love mom

  • I love you with all my heart. I always have and I always will. You are my best friend in the whole wide world and you changed my life for the better. You made this place a better place and it still lightens our lives talking about you and your goofy personality. It has been 8 and a half years since you left us but sometimes it feels as if you never left.
    I miss you and I love you.
    Love ya Hun!!!

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