Jessica Ann Frank

Hwy 14, south of Oregon, Dane Co. [Lat: 42.87228934, Long: -89.34979817]
  • You were my baby sister. We were best friends and worst enemies, all rolled into one, you were my everything!
    I miss you so much, every single day! I am so thankful for this beautiful cross that Ronnie made for you! I will forever be grateful!
    You left behind 3 amazing children, you would be so proud of each one of them today! I know I am!
    I carry you with me everyday, I wish I could have just one more day with you…..
    Love you so much!

  • It saddens me to say the DOT has removed this roadside memorial. I’m hoping to get it reinstalled on the Farmers land. I have taken many pictures there and continued to decorate for each season. Due to a conflict on a similar memorial, the DOT said in all fairness my daughters had to be removed to justify why the other one was taken away. So, I wanted to say Thank you, for the beautiful photography and memory attending your show. Jessica’s Mom, Jeanette

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