6.25.2018 - Wisconsin Historical Society acquires NOT FORGOTTEN: Wisconsin Roadside Memorials project and will perform regular archiving of the website, book, site photographs, news…over time as the project evolves.


May 30, 2018

Lybster Harbor, Scotland

Latitude: 58.295747/Longitude: -3.290717

Michael Griffin

May 23, 2018

22 Doon Rd., Ballybunion, Ireland

Latitude: 56.949197/Longitude: -4.919106

Jimmy Lee Tigertail

February 8, 2018

Hwy 41, Everglades, Florida, USA

Latitude: 25.761879/Longitude: -80.756784

NOT FORGOTTEN: Wisconsin Roadside Memorials limited-edition

50 page artist book, each book contains a poem from the lake effect poets [marilyn annucci, robin chapman, susan elbe, catherine jagoe, jesse lee kercheval, sara parrell, alison townsend], help support the project, $85

order here

Lake Effect Poets: Poems of Loss and Remembrance

lake effect poets reading poems in response to not forgotten, arts+literature laboratory, 2021 winnebago st, madison, wi, may 25th 7pm

facebook event

Artist documents roadside memorials through photographs

Wisconsin State Journal | Madison, WI


Sacred Streets

Isthmus | Madison, WI



wisconsin roadside memorials photographs, arts+literature laboratory, 2021 winnebago st, madison, wi, may 5th to may 27th, opening may 5th, 5-9 pm, artist talk 8pm

facebook event

"Making a Difference: Photos keep roadside memorials from fading away"

NBC15 WMTV | Madison, WI


Lil Ellie

January 18, 2015

North Shore Rd., St. Johns US Virgin Island

Latitude: 18.356922/Longitude: -64.794781


July 17, 2014

Carrera 33, Bucaramanga, Colombia

Latitude: 7.094115/Longitude: -73.106249